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Hey guys! It’s me, Juliana! I’m eleven years old an I’m in fifth grade. My mom stays at home and homeschools me. (I went to public school in 4K for those of you who were wondering) I like listening to music, hanging out with friends, and reading. I also play a lot of sports. I play basketball, softball, and I like to swim to. I play the violin and piano as well. ōmspace is a product that me and my dad started around the middle of december. We originally thought that it would be more of a win lose sort of a game, but then it morphed into a game where you simply have to survive. Then, it became the ōmspace of today. ōmspace is a single player (maybe multiplayer in the future!) game where you cast orbs into your natural forest environment. You can cast two orbs in the same area and it might make a new orb! It is an overall simple game but with such a deep concept. There are two ways of looking at it:

1. A fun, interactive, simple, video-game,

2. An zen experience to calm the mind.

-Juliana B.