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Juliana, Jon and Kandy Brouchoud are planning to build game together.

We built Bunny Stories last time, this time will be ōmspace.

It will be a fun learning experience for all of us.  

Always simple, minimal.  

Development process transparent, writing weekly posts like this.  

It will start as a peaceful, open empty world.  

Nearby is a hovering orb.  If you go near it using arrow keys, it displays a big visual and audio effect.  

That orb is now ‘yours’ and shows up on your interface.

Clicking orb ‘casts’ it, which then impacts environment in some way.  

Audio, visual, environmental, etc.  Always peaceful, harmonics, binaural beats, beautiful, relaxing.

Effects made by orbs remain persistent in your world for varying times, minutes, hours, years.  

When time is up, and effect has faded from world, the orb can now be cast again.  

Cast orbs in various patterns, make art, audio experiences.   Share screenshots.

Orbs get harder to find.  Some extremely rare. Some will never be discovered?

Cast orbs in specific locations, or adjacent to other effects to reveal bigger effects or new orbs.

Time keeps going, even if you’re not playing.  If you don’t play for years, becomes empty white world again.  

Entrains mindfulness?  Make people feel better?  Teaches impermanence? Can we measure / validate?  Center for Healthy Minds?

Best as multi-player VR experience, but we start simple.  Steam? WebGL? Sell for money?

Stay Tuned!